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Other outputs

Policy Briefs

Download here


The Sea, Ecosystem Services and Well-Being

2 short films with Part 1 telling the story of the interaction between a family living in Tambolongan Island, Indonesia, and the coastal and marine environment over the weekend, and Part 2 showing husband and wife living in the coastal community of Polassi Island, Indonesia, over a typical weekday.

Part 1: Weekend in Tambolongan, Indonesia.
Part 2: Weekday in Polassi Island, Indonesia.

Make a change today - A GCRF Blue Communities song
The GCRF Blue Communities team from the Western Philippines University (WPU) worked with students from Central Taytay National High School (Palawan, Phillipines) to create and produce this wonderful song about protecting our natural environment for future generations. 

View on YouTube

Media articles

Keeping our heritage via voices of youths
Article published in Daily Express of East Malaysia in 2020 about the Coastal Community Festival organised by Universiti Malaya which enabled community engagement with school students. The initiative was supported by Blue Communities.


Interactive Systematic Map
Evidence synthesis map showing how marine conservation activities in SE Asia affect the health and well-being of local people.

Read more about the map 



Blue Communities mural
Young artists in front of their Blue Communities mural
Above: Young artists and the Western Philippines University proudly present the Blue Communities mural, following a series of workshops on Future Scenarios. For more information please visit the blog post Thinking about futures.


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