18 December 2019
By Dr Jacqualyn Eales, University of Exeter

We have produced a catalogue of the current literature, known as a “Systematic Map”, on how marine conservation activities in SE Asia affect the health and well-being of local people. We have shared this information with our partners as online tool, which we aim to make freely available online very soon, and will publish the Systematic Map in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Our Systematic Map uncovered an evidence base that was well-balanced in terms of qualitative and quantitative studies, and unexpectedly large focus on governance and empowerment outcomes. In August 2019, our partners in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines attended a workshop to identify from the Systematic Map, which topic areas/research questions to focus on for a full evaluation (Systematic Review) of the evidence.
Our partners have also been working up their own topic areas of interest and our teams from Indonesia and the Philippines have research questions to pursue from early 2019 onwards. Our partners in Malaysia and Vietnam are in the stage of deciding which questions to take forward and when to fit these into their workflows.
These topics include harmful algal blooms, top-down vs bottom-up governance, restoration of wetlands and ecosystem services in protected areas. We can’t wait to get started on these topics!
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