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3rd Annual Progress Meeting

11 August 2020

Blue Communities held its 3rd Annual Progress Meeting over the course of a week in July. With...

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Projecting the fish of the future

Newsletter article | 18 June 2020

By Dr Sevrine Sailley, Plymouth Marine Laboratory   The fish model projections have now concluded with 80+ fish species and 10 scenarios (2 climate scenarios combined with 5 fishing scenarios) available for project partners to use within...

Designing a new tool to reconcile marine planning trade-offs

Newsletter article | 17 June 2020

By Dr Matt Fortnam, University of Exeter   Marine planning seeks to reconcile multiple objectives and sectoral interests to conserve marine biodiversity and maintain healthy coastal marine ecosystems while, at the same time, meet the...

Monitoring aquaculture sites from space

Newsletter article | 17 June 2020

By Drs Andrey Kurekin, Dan Clewley &  Peter Miller , Plymouth Marine Laboratory   Marine resources are the main source of food for local communities in the South East Asia region. 

Understanding the benefits of one-by-one tuna fisheries

Newsletter article | 16 June 2020

By Zac Edwards, International Pole & Line Foundation   One-by-one tuna fisheries elicit a number of important socio-economic benefits that contribute to thriving coastal communities in Indonesia.

Facing uncertainties in the time of pandemic in Indonesia

Newsletter article | 16 June 2020

By Carya Maharja and Dr. Jito Sugardjito, The Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management Universitas Nasional   From February to March 2020, the Indonesian team undertook a series of research fieldworks at the Taka Bonerate...

Investigating marine governance innovations in UNESCO marine reserves

Newsletter article | 16 June 2020

By Dr Matt Fortnam, University of Exeter   Teams of scientists and practitioners are working together to analyse new approaches to managing the marine environment in four case studies in South-East Asia

Early Career Researcher Network update

Newsletter article | 16 June 2020

By Dr Mohd Aizat and Dr Mohd Iqbal, University of Malaya   The Blue Communities Early Career Researchers Network (ECRN), aims to bring the young researchers' community together and at the same time provide a platform for information sharing,...

Can ‘microfragmentation’ help us regrow damaged coral?

Other news | 07 February 2020

In this article in the Biologist Dr Zac Forsman describes the pioneering technique of 'microfragmentation' which can help slow-growing coral grow up to 40 times faster than in nature.  

Blue Communities newsletter out now!

Programme news | 16 January 2020

The latest Blue Communities newsletter is now available with updates from the Case Study partners and projects as well as blog posts from two of our Early Career Researchers.


Newsletter article | 20 December 2019

By Prof. Melanie Austen, Programme Director, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

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Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region: from Environmental Aspects to Socio-Economic Impacts

04 October 2020 - 10 October 2020

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Human Health & The Ocean in a changing world

02 December 2020 - 04 December 2020

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18 July 2021 - 23 July 2021

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