28 February 2019
The Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) Blue Communities Research Programme’s First Annual Progress Meeting was held on November 21 to 23, 2018 at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. This large, international meeting paved way for the launching and first planning session of the Programme’s Early Career Researcher’s Network (ECRN).

Twenty five self-identified members of various fields of specialization and career experiences of the programme partners, from the United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, convened to discuss “what can the Network do for us?”, proposed future activities, establish goals and identify areas of opportunity.

The launch, spearheaded Prof. Lora Fleming of the University of Exeter, was followed by participant introductions and a fun-filled interactive workshop on the Networks’ future activities. These include the establishment of a leadership structure composed of two or three organizing co-chairs and project or case study-based committees.

The discussion also led to the formalization of the future activities and career development opportunities, revolving around six key themes.


As of the moment, the ECRN has already identified co-chairs and is now working on planning for the future activities, particularly on having a voice on the Blue Communties Executive Group and in plotting activities during the 2019 Annual Meeting in the United Kingdom.

Reference: Bastian L, Jack-Kadioglu T, Jontila J, Madarcos, J & Sumeldan J, K Madarcos et al. Official Summary of the Blue Communities Early Career Researcher Network Launch and Planning Session Report. February 2019

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